Entry #1

"Positivity" is out NOW!

2017-07-20 17:29:05 by DJ-Wenton

I made this for you guys!

It's a little DnB song that I made by myself on Soundtrap (www.soundtrap.com).





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2017-07-20 18:23:13

I love the track you made! It's pretty creative! I'll visit your page more often to hear more! I also want to ask you who's your favorite newgrounds artist? Mines a guy named absurdtyler. Have you heard of him?

DJ-Wenton responds:

My favorite Newgrounds artists are ForeverBound, DJVI, Waterflame, dj-Nate, F-777, Detious, Lockyn, and Xtrullor.

All of them are from Geometry Dash.